About Me

I’m a Bangalore based Full Stack Designer* with 7 years experience on UX/UI and total 10+ years in Digital Design.

I do Research, Prototypes, Visual Design, Code & lead team of Designers. Did my Post Graduation in Design for Digital Experience from National Institute of Design, R&D Campus, Bangalore.

Love to do Photography, Explore places & Cuisines, Play Games.

Design is not only ‘look and feel’ or ‘visual identity language’ but also how things work and behave.

The Tools i use mostly are 

  • Pen, Pencil, Paper & Post-its
  • Keynote & Powerpoint
  • Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
  • Axure RP Pro, InVision & MarvelApp
  • Final Cut, Premiere Pro & Logic Studio

My Skill set is

  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Visual Design
  • Coding (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Video Production & Editing
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Team & Project Management


As an Full Stack Designer*, I realized that people don’t want to read long texts, they want to see kickass designs that work, and I do the same keeping the user in focus.

*What is Full Stack Designer? the answer is