Preliminary Brand Platform

What We Do: Dubai Duty Free is focused on helping traveling customers save time and money while shopping online.

Who We Do It For: Travelers who depend on internet commerce as a critical part of their purchasing and shopping habits.

How We Do It: As a shopping destination, Dubai Duty Free Online provides customers the best brands and products catered to their individual preferences & travel needs.

Who We Are (Brand Idea): At the heart of Dubai Duty Free Online is a commitment to our customer’s success and enjoyment. It requires us to be leaders in providing innovative value-added solutions to online Duty Free shopping.

DDF Online in one Sentence

“Dubai Duty Free Online is a best-in-class shopping site that provides informative and easy-to-use tools to help customers pre-order & purchase from the best brands, products, services from around the world.”


User Stories

Woman #1 is a European international business traveler who regularly purchases alcohol on her trips to Dubai.

Woman #2 in a UAE international business traveler who like to purchase chocolates and cosmetics on her return trips. She expects to be treated as a special repeat customer. In addition, she may be provided extra coupons or offers to purchase outside the store via PC, tablet or mobile.

Woman #3 is a one-visit traveler to the Dubai airport and see some great offers, but can’t purchase now due to timing. She wants to be able to see the specific collections and purchase online later.

Man #1 is a UAE national who closely follows the DDF-sponsored sports. He is looking for the latest information about DDF regarding tennis, horse racing and yachting. He may also receive timely information on his mobile via email or text.

Man #2 is a UAE national who enjoys finding out about the DDF foundation. He likes to come online to find out about the latest in their social endeavors. He may also receive DDF news and event info on his mobile via email or text.

Man #3 loves to participate in the Finest Surprise offers and Millennium Millionaire lotteries. He checks the site often to see winners and any other lottery options. He may also check his mobile device via the website or email push to see who was the winner.

Man #4 is unaware of DDF, but finds the site through common search scenarios. He desires an understanding of the product breadth and width of DDF.


  • Transient Traveler
  • Loyal DDF Traveler
  • Extreme Price Shopper
  • Lottery Guy
  • Social Awareness Gal


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